Volume VIII 2017

The Nautilus (Volume VIII 2017)

The eighth annual edition of The Nautilus (Spring 2017) contains essays on Jack London’s encounters with Ernest Darling, dubbed the Nature Man, who practiced self-devised healthful living principles on Tahiti; the escort carriers of World War II and the veterans and their families who have resurrected the memory of the vessels’ service; and the perception of the Pacific region in the human imagination over time. Keith Newlin’s essay “The Lost Paradise of Ernest Darling, Jack London’s Nature Man” reintroduces us to a man London presented to the world in a chapter of The Cruise of the Snark and provides new biographical detail and images from archival sources. In “The Forgotten Aircraft Carrier: Escort Carrier Veterans Reclaiming Their Service,” Benjamin Hruska addresses the post-World War II neglect of escort carriers’ service and the methods veterans and their families have taken to memorialize that service. Dianne Meredith’s “Rim, Ribbons, ‘Zero,’ or Doughnut Hole? Historical Imaginings of the Pacific Region” examines how the Pacific expanse has been perceived as a space in human history, revealing the tension between continental and ocean perceptions of that space, as well as physical versus conceptual aspects of the region. Book reviews include assessments of two biographies: the long-awaited second volume of Wayne Franklin’s biography of James Fenimore Cooper: The Later Years; and a new biography of Nathaniel Bowditch. Books reviewed also address eighteenth- and nineteenth-century maritime culture in the context of the voyage of a slave ship from Sierra Leone to South Carolina; a U.S. naval vessel in the African Squadron in the antebellum period; the sea in Anglophone culture; and sources Melville turned to in his creation of Moby-Dick. Books of practical knowledge on boat building, seabird identification, and coastal mapping are also reviewed, as well as a survival tale from World War II involving a tragic encounter between a merchant ship and a U-boat off the U.S. coast.

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