Volume XII 2021

THE NAUTILUS (Current Issue, Volume XII 2021)

This year’s volume of The Nautilus marks the twelfth annual edition of the journal.  The volume’s first essay, Michael Druffel’s “’No Lawful Way’: Racism or Revolution in Melville’s Fiction,” interrogates the “intra-class stratifications” of workers in Redburn, White-Jacket, and “Bartleby,” relating provincialism to racism to show that the idealization of whiteness “prevents white workers from uniting to resist capitalism,” and informs our understanding of Melville’s “idea that working-class racism and nativism ruin collective action.” In the volume’s second essay, Zachary Liollio’s “British Sonar in South Carolina Waters” tells the story of the 1942 sinking by collision of the British submarine hunter St. Cathan off the American coast, the piece of early sonar technology that went down with the vessel, and the recovery of this technological artifact from the deep.  Nora L. Chidlow’s “An Unusual Friendship between the United States and Denmark” tells another story of World War II, this one of a remarkable collaboration between the two countries when TS Danmark found itself in American waters as Hitler’s forces invaded Denmark, and the training vessel, carrying six officers and 120 cadets, became “a ship without a homeland.” Ten reviews are also included in the volume, appraising eleven books, including two on sharks; one each on Napoleon’s admirals and on North Americans who served in Nelson’s navy; two volumes on naval warfare: one on carrier operations in World War II, and one on amphibious operations; a narrative of the voyages of British ships that sought the mutineers of the Bounty; a study of coastal shipwrecks and their salvors and spectators; a discourse about chanties; a volume on sailor talk in the works of Melville, Conrad, and London; and a  book on whaling captains of color. Volume XII of The Nautilus is available as of July 2021.

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