Volume IV 2013

The fourth annual edition of The Nautilus (Spring 2013) is a special conference issue containing essays developed from Sea-Changes: A Maritime Conference in the Humanities, held at MMA in April 2012. Conference participants addressed the transformative power of the sea to make humankind’s collective consciousness “something rich and strange.” Essays in the special conference issue include an analysis of the sea as a provider of maritime wealth in Beowulf; a study of Melville’s poetic response to the ocean’s implacable nature; an examination of the evolution of the sea novel and the brotherhood of the ship in the twenty-first century; and a recounting of George Bernard Shaw’s response to the Titanic “hysteria” he witnessed following the vessel’s unfortunate convergence with an iceberg. This edition also includes book reviews on subjects as various as a memoir of Melville’s biographer Hershel Parker; Gaelic poetry of the sea; Jack London as photographer; the Louisiana bayou country; the Amistad Rebellion; the history of Atlantic fishing in the age of sail; the Battle of Rhode Island in the Revolutionary War; a history of Pitcairn Island; transatlantic steamships; cold-water surfing; and a biography of Capt. Cook’s Polynesian navigator Tupaia.

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