Volume II 2011

The second annual issue of The Nautilus, published in June 2011, contains four scholarly essays, including an examination of the cenotaphic urge in Moby-Dick; the centrality of the sea in Pablo Neruda’s poetic construction of a pan-Latin cultural identity; the influence of the early American editor, author, and mariner William Leggett on the development of maritime literature; and an introduction to the lobster in literature and the arts through the eyes of writers, artists, and mariners. The issue also contains ten book reviews on varied subjects, including whaling in the 1930s; gunboat operations in the Civil War; U.S. merchant ships in World War I; the battleship Tirpitz in World War II; the culture of piracy; an essay collection on gender, race, ethnicity and power in maritime America; the influence of Robinson Crusoe on antebellum culture; Hawaiian birds of the sea; spoken sources in Melville’s early works; and John Singer Sargent’s paintings of the sea.

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